Last-Minute Halloween Costume Hacks

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Hacks

Every Halloween, there are three kinds of people. There are those who actively plan their costumes months or weeks in advance, those who do not care at all, and those who do care but only do something about their Halloween costumes at the last minute. If you are one of those people who happen to fall into that third category, you’re going to need a little more than a hail Mary to get a costume together in time. Here are some last-minute Halloween costume hacks that you can make yourself in time for the holidays.

Make Old Clothes Your Best Friends

A classic Halloween-look that anyone can create is the zombie look. The reason why this particular one is so easy and quick is that instead of actually creating a costume, it’s more like destroying one. If you have old clothes you can spare, take to them with a pair of scissors and get the job done! Complete the look with some makeup, and there you are, ready to go out hunting for brains.

Find Your Farmer Spirit

Old MacDonald had a farm, and so can you! To transform yourself into a friendly farmer next door, layer a flannel shirt under a pair of overalls, and there you go giving Old MacDonald a run for his money.

Be a Bat for Fright Night

Who says bat costumes need to be elaborate and thoroughly thought out? If you happen to have a broken umbrella lying somewhere around, this hack could just be the one. Wear a black hoodie with a pair of matching black pants and shoes, and cut your umbrella in half. Using either hot glue or safety pins, attach the halves of the umbrella to either side of the hoodie.

Master the art of Ghosting

For as long as anyone can remember, ghost costumes have been a classic go-to for Halloween. Sure, you could go all out and make your ghost costume the freakiest ever seen but when you are short on time, improvisation is key. Transform yourself into the friendly — or not-so-friendly — neighborhood ghost with a white tablecloth or bedsheet with cut-out holes for your eyes and mouth.

Men In Black

Men in Black costumes are an underrated Halloween go-to. Couples and friends can easily and quickly get the iconic movie look by throwing on all-black suits, ties, and sunglasses. If you have a pet dog, even better.

Leap Into the Future

Some people might call this hack lazy, but we prefer the term genius. If you have a partner, dress up as an old married couple by throwing on a pair of age-appropriate robes over pajamas, some reading glasses, and slippers.

Raining Men Hack

Every other day, you would get weird looks for walking around with photos of your celebrity crushes plastered all over you. On Halloween, though, it’s free rein! Grab an umbrella and tape cutouts of your favorite men to the umbrella. Complete the look with a trench coat and a pair of rain boots, and you are good to go.

Bubble Bath Hack

Anyone who has had a bubble bath will attest to the wonderful feeling of peace it brings. To make a bubble bath costume, all you need is a white t-shirt and a couple of balloons – preferably white. You can either decide to tape or glue your blown-up balloons to your shirt, and just like that, you represent self-care.

Become an Emoji

When you are in no mood to fuss over a costume, less is key. Take a look through your phone keyboard for any emoji that you might like, and take a look at what you have in your wardrobe. You could either be the pink shirt girl emoji, the red dancing lady emoji, or even the dancing girl emoji. Let your closet decide.

Nerd Costume Hack

If you have always wanted to go all out and be the nerd you truly are, this hack will instantly steal your heart. To transform yourself into the ultimate nerd, you are going to need a white t-shirt, a pair of thick-rimmed nerd glasses, some suspenders, and, of course, your best friend, the calculator! Voila! Look complete!

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