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Princess’s Diana Outfits That We Still Love Today

Princess’s Diana Outfits That We Still Love Today

Without a doubt, Diana, the Princess of Wales was the greatest fashion icon of the 20th century. After all, many regard her as the most photographed woman in the world. Her outfits captivated the world decades after her tragic death and women are still emulating her fashion style.

Particularly, the world’s fascination with the princess’s style has been reignited by the fourth season premiere of the drama series The Crown. Instagram accounts dedicated to her outfits have propped up and many people are searching online for more information on how to pull off a Diana-inspired look.

Media influencers have been keen on recreating some of her best outfits, from her casual wear of jeans, knee-high boots, and blazers to oversized sweatshirts and bike shorts which give off an athletic look. Don’t forget about the iconic baseball cap!

Rowling Blazers, an American label, has introduced a collection of knitwear inspired by the princess. The collection features two of her most iconic clothing- the “I’m a luxury jumper” and red sheep sweater.

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