What Are the Benefits of CBD-infused Clothes?

As various industries are starting to welcome the rise of natural and sustainable innovation, the fashion industry is not left behind. One of the most recent inclusions in this wave of natural innovation is CBD-infused clothing. If you are considering buying into this trend of clothing infused with one of these CBD oils, keep reading to find out what it can do for you.
What Are CBD-infused Clothes?
CBD-infused clothes are exactly what they sound like. CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is technologically infused into the textiles and fabrics …

Trendy Shoes For 2021

The general rule of thumb for footwear industry appears to be the chunkier the shoe, the better. Footwear with chunky soles seems to have taken over. Not to be left behind, high-street and luxury brands have added to their exquisite collections loafers that are sure to make a statement.
Prada, the famous Italian fashion house, launched a chunky loafer branded with their fancy logo. With a high-gloss finish, these black patent leather shoes have drawn the attention of the who’s who in the modeling industry and social media influencers. They also come in more pared-back tones. Other top brands have also followed this trend….

Coat Trends For 2021

Winter trends for the past years have been relatively practical and rather straightforward. They have emphasized mostly comfort and warmth. There is no doubt that the past year has most certainly been a peculiar year. Fashion has had to accommodate a new lifestyle brought about by the novel coronavirus.
To this effect, we expect the humble coat to become essential wear coming into the New Year. These trends, including leather and quilting, have proven to work. Though they aren’t new, they may need to adapt to fit into a …

North Face: The Comeback Trend of The Year

Over the past years, there has been an increase in the rise of streetwear and the rebranding of outdoor items by the fashion industry to appeal to a younger generation. North Face has not been left behind as this traditional outdoor brand has become the ultimate fashion status symbol. North Face’s outreach now goes well beyond sports lovers and even older folks.
We have also witnessed a transition of the brand from being a streetwear accessory to being worn before crowds attending fashion week. This feat is a result of the collaboration signed in 2007 between North Face and the skateboarding lifestyle brand Supreme.