Coat Trends For 2021

Coat Trends For 2021

Winter trends for the past years have been relatively practical and rather straightforward. They have emphasized mostly comfort and warmth. There is no doubt that the past year has most certainly been a peculiar year. Fashion has had to accommodate a new lifestyle brought about by the novel coronavirus.

To this effect, we expect the humble coat to become essential wear coming into the New Year. These trends, including leather and quilting, have proven to work. Though they aren’t new, they may need to adapt to fit into a social-distanced lifestyle. They will take on new combinations to work for our new day-to-day routines.

For instance, the elevated puffer perfect for a cold January morning will come in more elevated silhouettes. We also expect to see fluffier fabrics from fur collars to shearling finishes coming in different pops of color.

Our inclusive list includes the elevated puffer, wrap coat, statement shearling, leather coat, full collared coat, and patchwork coat. These coat trends are a combination of both form and function and we predict that most fashion enthusiasts will have them in their wardrobe for 2021.

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